Back on Track Dog Mattress

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The Back on Track® Dog Mattress is rectangular and manufactured using the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric.

Designed to reduce the pressure from your pet’s weight, the mattresses also ensure warmth and comfort while allowing the materials therapeutic FAR Infrared properties to maintain supple muscles & joints.

If your pet is prone to any arthritic and/or joint conditions, these mattresses can provide great relief and improved mobility whilst being warm and cozy. Ideal for dogs with inflammatory conditions or for sporting dogs, and are an ideal substitute for a jacket/blanket.

The mattress is made of memory foam that imitates and conforms to the dog’s body. Distributing weight pressure evenly, allowing your pet to relax in a comfortable, reclining position. The outer cover is removable for easy laundering. Comes in four sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large). See also our Travel, Allround and Cage Fit mattress styles.