Back on Track Haze collection Jump Pad

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The popular Haze Collection in a lovely new spring colour!
The all-purpose/jumping saddle pad has an anatomical fit with Back on Track’s well-known No2 saddle pad design. The model has a high cut that provides extra space over the withers and spine. The front edge straps attach to the saddle's D-rings instead of the billet straps, which reduces the risk of pressure points against the trapezius muscle.

The saddle pad is breathable, moisture-wicking and has temperature regulating properties. The filling consists of a shock and pressure absorbing foam, and soft high-quality padding. The inside has a Welltex® infused lining in Power Waffle™ textile to stimulate blood circulation through infrared energy. This can support mobility and help avoid injury by relieving muscle tension and improving the back's suppleness.

This saddle pad combines the best with function and design, and we are sure that both you and your horse will love it!

Welltex® technology
Power Waffle™ Textile
No2 Design for jumping/all-purpose saddle pads
2x filling
Soft lining at the withers
Stylish badge with metal and PU leather


Product Information

FABRIC - 100% Polyester

FILLING 1 - 100% Polyester

FILLING 2 - 100% Polyurethane

Lining - 100% Polyester

TRIMMINGS - 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton