Back on Track Nights Collection Dog Rug

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Elegant and classic dog rug with Welltex®.

With this rug your dog will match your horse´s look. Quilted material with a light insulation. Outer shell in a high quality durable fabric and lined with our well known Welltex® technology both in the back piece and under the belly. Fast to close with hook and loop fastening at the front and on the anatomically shaped girth.

Easy to adapt for lots of breeds. Reflective detail in the front and champagne embroi­dery on the side. Elastic leg straps at the back to keep the rug in place on even the wildest adventures.


Collar to tail



20 cm

8 inch

13-15 inch

11-12,5 inch


12 inch

18-20 inch

14-16 inch


16 inch

23-24,5 inch

16-19 inch


20 inch

28-29,5 inch

18-21 inch


24 inch

33,5-35 inch

20,5-23 inch


28 inch

39-41 inch

23-25,5 inch